If we consider the entire universe, Cosmos, as this image, one tiny spec of a dot will be our solar system.

The earth we are living on, will be an invisible extremely small dust particle revolving around that point of light.

Now, from the point where we are, what is time? What is today? What is yesterday? In fact what is a day?

One revolution around its own axis of that piece of dust. Even a earth year is insignificantly small.

When this image gets into you, you realise that presence of “ snatan Kaal ” – eternal now. A perpetual now, where there is no past, no future, a continuous ever existing now – which is not moving. It is fixed, stationery and just there.

Transport this feeling, in a moment to your surrounding. Now you were there identifying with “sanataan Kaal” and now you are here, in your surrounding.
You will suddenly realise, how futile a concept of time our mind has developed and is always taking us to imaginary future or past.
The moment you realise this, you are enlightened . You are buddha . This is exactly what he experiences and kept it as a natural state of being.

In our case we will slip into past-future imaginations.

The longer, we retain this state, more joy will be experienced.

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