Always Pray Thrice. But Why?


We all have been told since our childhood that prayers are to be said three times. Any invocation of God, our own God, has to be three times.
The most ancient and powerful mantra is “ Oom Shanti, Shanti, Shanti”
– Om let there be peace, let there be peace, let there be peace. This also does it three times

There is a very beautiful concept behind the diktat if three invocations

When you say the mantra for the the first time it is meant for the entire universe. Get that feeling inside. Invoke a image of the world. “ Let there be peace in entire world”. Your invocation has to hit all living beings. You are asking for the humanity to grow.

The second invocation is for your nation, community. In olden days the strict boundaries of nations was not there. It was all a group of communities. The sages did not know of anything artificially divide. Look at indo pak border . It is the same land on both sides. So second invocation is for nation, community, neighbours and family. “ Let there be peace “ and internally you are contemplating about community and family.

The third invocation is about yourself. “ Let there be internal peace in you”. Let your mind be in peace. Let your world is at rest.

Invoking any prayer to any God in this manner early morning, in fact the first thing in the morning reaps very rich dividends. Where? Inside your head, in your perception, in your outlook to life, situations and activities.

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