ancient knowledge


In ancient days, the practice of getting education was very different. Students used to visit the teacher after a few days and then both of them used to sit back to back with only a tree between them.

Closing their eyes, the student used to ask questions. The teacher based on his interpretation used to answer . Only what was required , was spoken, minimal exchange.

Once satisfied, the student used to get up without looking back ,or at the face of the teacher, walk back to his place of dwelling.

This was repeated and this is how, the Upanishads were transmitted from generation to another for centuries when the written language was not even invented.

What we have amongst us, is a very rich and ancient knowledge. If not ourselves, let’s resolve to make our children curious about them. Let’s resolve to make them aware of the rich traditions and the wealth of knowledge available.

Let’s show them the direction.

Let’s learn the language which is part of us.

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