Aqua Sin Gas


The bubbly part of a soft drink, soda is a gas called carbon di oxide. This is the gas we humans exhale from our bodies through our lungs. When the muscles work, they breakdown the sugar into this gas and water. In the process, heat is released which provides energy to activity.
This gas which goes into air is absorbed by plants and they fix the energy of the sun to make food which we all eat. Bottom line : We are carbon di oxide producers and plants are carbon di oxide reducers.
In this entire cycle, carbon di oxide was never meant to enter our stomachs. With soda we take it in, shower all digestive juices on it. It might be reacting with some, or gets absorbed in the stomach. Thus entering blood stream which is already laden with loads of it coming from the working muscles.
The intake of oxygen gets impacted by pollution. It is further reduced by ingestion of carbon di oxide.
We are burning the candle from both ends.
MNC funded researches will show it to be inert, non reactive, and producing a feeling of satiation. But consider this, why can’t we eat grass like a cow. Because grass is not meant to enter our stomach. Similarly, carbon di oxide is biologically not meant to enter our stomach. Period. End of argument.
“ Aqua sin gas” water without gas, and whisky without soda,is the best solution to our thirst..

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