Be Thankful


Thank you for all the support.
Thank you for all the love.
Thank you for all the affection.

If I keep on thanking you, will I run out of “ thank yous”.
Will my thank yous be reduced by three.

No, we never run out of thank you.
We run out of our intention to thank others.

In fact if we do not give “ thank you “ to others, they rot inside us and irritate us.
To bo more precise, when ever we are irritated and cannot find the reason, just do an internal audit. We will find that we had not thanked anyone in the last one week.
So throw your inhibitions out, and go out to thank every one for a reason and even without reason.
Take these out of your system.
Thank the lift man.
Thank the taxi driver.
Thank the bus driver, grocery man, Paperwala, security guard.
Gracias. Thank you in Spanish.
I learnt this in Mexico where all conversation is profusely peppered with two words
Amigo. Gracias. Friend. Thanks

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