Bliss Is Our Natural State


“Failing to remain extremely elated throughout the day is a major deficiency “
This is a very thought provoking statement.

If we are not happy and in a state of extremely elated state, we are suffering from a major deficiency.
And yes we are suffering.
Suffering from three kinds of miseries
The first is the set of miseries caused by adhidaiv,

The ones which are fructifying due to “ davik” reasons. These reasons are the one caused by natural forces of rain, drought, earthquake, jungle fire etc, these miseries are not in our control and pass away with least pain.

The second set of miseries are the ones caused by adhibhut,

They fructify due to “bhautik” reasons. These reasons are the ones caused by other animals and action of men. We have some control over them by reacting to them through “ fight or flight response. They cause damage and have a longer life.

The third set of miseries are the ones caused by adhyatma,

They fructify due to “ aham” reasons. These reasons are caused by self on self, with the aim of deriving a very thin stream of pleasure. These miseries have a very long life. Like the grudge one nurses against someone. No one makes effort to resolve the grudge, but feeds the passion by converting it into hate.

The third kind of misery robs away our elated state of being. When we get up in the morning, the first few moments are very happy. We are elated, there is bliss, but as consciousness dawns, adhyatma takes over, memory recall throws up a worry or fear and the elation vanishes.

Self inflicted mental injuries are the single most contributing factor in decreasing our happiness.

Realise this fact internally, and you will discovery the joy within.. It will be momentarily, but it will show…

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