Can Physical Pain Be Overcome?


Pain robs us of our happiness. Physical pain takes away everything. Recall your last toothache. Recall the pain of the various stones in kidney, gall bladder. Recall the pain of the back. Recall the pain of the knees.

Pain in any part of the body is very uncomfortable experience. What happens when the pain subsides? What happens when it is at its prime?

One thing is certain, the medication only numbs the stimulus from reaching the brain. It does not address the real cause of the start of the pain. The pain killer industry thrives on numbing the brain, definitely with collateral damages.

It is very difficult to bear the pain, it is very difficult to ignore the pain, but a few strategies can mitigate the painful experience.

The first is focus on the breath. Focus completely on the tip of the nose and try to identify two things, one temperature of the incoming air and out going air. Take this at the tip of the nose. Focus on breath and try to get this even. Let the difference be less in every successive breath.

Another strategy is to focus, deep focus at the point of pain. If it is a tooth ache, focus on the tooth, focus on its root, still apply more focus on it, imagine you are touching the nerve endings which are causing the pain. With each breath in, imagine you are healing the pain. Drop everything else. Focus only on the pain, and your ability to heal. Invoke God and celestial powers you believe in . Keep on telling yourself that things are healing. Yes it’s moving. The pain is reducing. After some time, miracle will happen, you will observe a drop in the pain.

Breath. focus. belief.

The three coordinates of the miracle.

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