We all get angry. We all become greedy. We all allow lust to take over. We indulge at times under own will or at times under the influence of habit energy.

Once we are done with our indulgence, the energy rebounds and moves out of the pleasure. The hollow pleasure pricks us to question the decision to indulge. This leads to regret, but seldom any course correction takes place. We continue to indulge in our anger, greed or lust.

At times we try to control anger by suppressing it. Another method we use is ignore the provocation. Some suggest find humor in the situation. Another method suggested is change the perspective. Look at it from the point of the provication.

A philosophical look is that the one provoking you is also suffering. By not responding, you are helping them in releasing their suffering. By responding you are aggravating their suffering.

All these methods are addressing the symptoms. Typical allopathic medicine. Suppress the pain by blocking the pain transmitting nerves. Control the blood pressure by blocking the enzyme. Never address the real cause.

If we do a root cause of the anger, greed and lust, we reach a conclusion that all of us have some typical inclination. During the formative years on the first encounter of the provocation the inclination is formed. As we keep on growing, those inclined to get angry, get disturbed by anger. Those inclined to be greedy, get disturbed by greed. And similarly for lust.

We keep on addressing the symptoms , but seldom look at inclination. Everything changes with time, but the inclination does not change on its own. If we are inclined to get angry, we will get angry at the slightest provocation.

The insight is to identify your inclination. This can be done by doing an audit of all the activities done during the day. Identify what was predominant – anger, greed or lust. The moment you have identified your inclination, the inclination changes. It hides and will try to run away from you.

Identify the inclination, focus on it, bring it in the full glare of your awareness , it will transform.

Simple, if you know, you are inclined to get disturbed by anger, you will get less angry.

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