Components Of A Religion


Every religion has three major components.

1. Philosophy
2. Mythology
3. Ritual

The philosophy is understood only when we are ready for it. At every encounter, we understand a bit about of it. As we keep on growing, the clarity on the philosophy of the religion gets clarified more and more until we reach a stage where we start giving it back to the society. This happens with everyone.

The mythology has an important part in inspiring. From the lofty concepts of Philosophy, mythology helps in creating the image, creating the correct inspiration, arousing the motivation and drawing people towards understanding the philosophy. The aim of mythology is not to be a stand alone entity. It is to help in understanding the underlying philosophy.

The third component of rituals is most misunderstood. A ritual is only an entry gate. On performing the ritual, curiosity gets aroused to explore the mythology. Once acquainted with mythology, the philosophy is understood. Please note, one ritual is a pointer to one aspect of the mythology. For other aspects one need to explore and discover.

The discovery process starts from a ritual.Performing a ritual excites inquiry into its related mythology. The key word is performing by self. By reading, discussing or watching, the effect is not reached. That’s why we go to places of pilgrimage. Only when one performs the ritual. The connection to underlying philosophy is established.

Once this connection is established, and you are in that strata, from the 32k height other rituals are seen, the reverse discovery kicks in. Suddenly one realises how optimised the rituals are. How over the years they have been perfected.

You will also realise, how beautiful your religion is. How enchanting and satisfying the concepts of its philosophy are. How every ritual makes sense.

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5 years 3 months ago