This is my most sincere advice to everyone, with a wink of the eye, just get involved in cooking for the family. Slowly take over the dinner preparation and discussion. Start with learning the names, master the processes and with the inspiration of all the great cooks and chefs become a master.

Why I am professing this is simply because, a whole lot of negative energies are bombarded into our home. Without invitation, Arnabs Barkhas barge into our dining rooms, sit around our dinner table and hijack the discussion.

The solution is switch off the TV, but then what to do? We have almost three hours to ourselves, before dinner is served. We have nothing else to do, so we open the window on the wall, and lo behold, more than 30 of lies propogators, swarm into our rooms. Before we realise, they have opened our mind, injected their poison, and sealed it back. We change channels, and a second set of Rajdeeps and Nidhis do the same operation.

By the time dinner is ready, we are so full of garbage in the mind, that what we eat also gets poisoned and has a effect negatively on our body.Yes, the thoughts that are in the mind, while we are eating food, get digested along with the food and if they are venomous, they poison the body, hastening the ageing process.

The other thing that we indulge in is, reading newspapers. They are also paid pamphlets of propoganda. The highest bidder gets a space to sell its venom.

If we do not watch TV or read newspaper, then what do we do?

Cook the dinner, get involved in laying the table, get involved in improving the presentation and plating. The aim of the entire exercise is, when your children come to the table for dinner, all they should be able to say.”waooooooooooow”. Imagine their wide eyes, filled with wonder, excitement and savouring the enchanting aroma.

I bet the happiness you will feel is worth the effort. It is the ultimate stess buster.

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