One insight which I discovered pertains to a ancient Japanese concept. It says and most of the Japanese believe that we think through our stomach. It is not the head, but the gut which does the thinking part and gut projects it to the head.

A paradigm shift in our learning, we can dismiss this easily. The dismissal part is very easy , if we have a closed mind. If we are very firm in our beliefs, if we are very sure of our knowledge we can dismiss this by simply saying “ what nonsense, scientifically it has been proved that thinking happens in the head”.

Wait. Open the door a bit. Think over it. What is scientifically proved thing? How it is proved? An indirect observation, repeated in different conditions giving expected results is the basic thought process of science. It remains valid, till it is proved wrong. Yes, Earth was flat, till it was proved to be round. It may happen in future, that we may prove that our eyesight is circular, thus earth appeared as a sphere, in fact it is flat.

Where as experiential feelings are timeless. The breathing exercises of Buddha are still holding ground. The yoga , Krav maga, tai chin, judo all others based on experience have eternity on their side.

Thus, from experience, let’s assume that we think through our stomach. Let’s be convinced that it is possible. Whenever we catch ourselves thinking, shift it to belly and you will observe a calmness descending on you. It has to be experienced. Once you taste it, this will become our most favoured method of problem solving.

The first change will be, our preponderance on impending storms of life. We foresee a number of storms gathering in the horizon and threatening us. This will go away. We will also observe the presence of sun. We will also see the light.

Suddenly the storms will merge into clouds and the light will radiate.

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