We all are energy producers. Plants are food producers because they fix the sunlight into chemical compounds which we all consume to produce energy.

The real reason of presence of energy in us is that we seek the ultimate reality. Now this is a very profound insight. Why do we have energy in us? It is simply to seek the ultimate truth, to seek the final reality, to reach the core of existence.

Energy if it is not used in this persuit, it dissipates in mischief, gratification of senses and worldly senseless chases. We all observe this and at times are helpless as a straw in the vortex. This helplessness is not eternal. When we are over indulgent in a sense pleasure, the energy itself repels after sometime.

Energy creates a discipline of it’s own. It propels us to realise the ultimate reality.

Ponder over this, if we are not meditating, if we are not sitting alone, in solitude and seeking answers to questions – Who we are? Why we are here? What is our purpose? We are not allowing the energy to manifest itself.

In such cases, energy will start withdrawing from our pursuits. We will feel bored. We will stop enjoying what was very enjoyable a few minutes ago.

In such states, remember, the energy is creating its discipline. We need to connect with the source. We need to sit and meditate.

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