This you have to do only once and then your anger will dissolve for ever.

When you are angry, just look into a mirror to find how beautiful you are looking. Remove the mirror at once because you will burst into laughter with in seconds of looking at your image with that funny expression.

Or still better take a selfie. Yes, it just occurred to me, take a selfie and make it your DP.

Baas, that’s it. Whenever you are angry, recall how beautiful you looked in the mirror and Look at your selfie.

I can bet any amount, your anger will immediately dissolve. Sanity will return back.

But madness will also return after a few seconds. How do we control that? Well another day, another post, today, just be busy in taking your selfies when you are angry….

CAUTION : this post has been written in utmost seriousness and is not responsible if you throw your mobile on the ground on seeing your selfie. We are not responsible for the damages.

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