Fight For Your Place In History


They will tell you, “ not possible”

They will tell you, “ you are wasting your time”

They will tell you, “ are you out of your mind”

They will tell you, “ don’t become emotional”

They will tell you’ “ focus on what you have”

They will tell you, “ it’s a dream”

Then you tell them, “ yes it’s my dream, I have been living this dream, I saw it with my eyes open. “

“ I will do everything to realise it”

They will laugh at you.

They will leave you.

They will work towards your failure.

They will cheat you.

They will turn into enemies.

Do not let the dream die in you.

Ignore them.

Their input is irrelevant in your dream.

Work silently on your dream

Work with passion on your dream

Work with planning on your dream

Work with dream on your dream.

It’s your dream.

Fight for your place in history. The world will be your.

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