Dreams do not turn into reality without effort. Effort requires guidance. Guidance is provided by mental powers. These mental powers require our focus, attention and energy.

  • Self discipline

Simply it is the percentage of promises made to self and followed. The promises are only in terms of time. How much if effort , I will put in by what time? What all I will do by what time? What all I will not do? Answer these three questions and you have self discipline of the highest order.

  • Patience

Patience is not to loose focus on what you want. Patience is not to alter your expectation. Patience is not to give up enroute. Patience is fault resolution.

  • Courage

Courage is taking the first step when the ground beneath the second step is infirm. Courage is telling your fears to simply shut up. Courage is focussing on the light at the end of tunnel and I gone the darkness around.

  • Persistence

Applying effort in waves is called persistence. If one wave has failed, the next is round the corner. A quick regrouping and the second wave goes in. The third, the fourth. Waves continue to hit the stone till it becomes sand.

  • Curiosity

The urge to challenge the limits, the thirst to reach the bottom of the abyss. The curiosity to improve the process. The spark that fires the engine, the idea that moves the mountain is curiosity.

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