One of the most all time great message of Gita – the song celestial is, you have a right to work, you have a right to toil, you have a right to activity, but you do not have a right to its fruits.

We all have heard this and use it to hide our failures. In our self talk, after a failure, we say to ourselves, even Gita says so, let’s move on, search for a new objective, give up hope and let it go.

Incorrect. We follow the first part, we toil, we do not get result as we desire, we give up. The insight here is, give up the desire of the result, but DO NOT give up the effort.

The desired result in us is an image of our mind as to how the effort will manifest itself. The image either can be strengthened by resolve to do better, or can be simply given up to focus on reimagining the effort and resource optimisation.

Give up on the image of pleasure . Give up on the image of fame. Give up on the perceived comfort. This is also called out of the box thinking. Give up the box itself. These things were simply not yours because they were an illusion of the mind.

Once you clear this junk,redouble your effort. Complete the task with the feeling that after completion it is going to be dedicated to God, your God, whom so ever you believe in. If an atheist, dedicate it to your courage. Because for an atheist, courage is the God.

The result will manifest when the conditions are ripe. You simply give up only on the time of expected results.

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