Happiness and joy are two state which are always sought after by all of us. Happiness is when a sense organ gets its sense object. It is more on getting, acquiring, possessing, savouring, ingesting.

Joy is the feeling one gets when willingly we part with something. The feeling of gifting, charity, philanthropy and benevolence lead to joy.

The question arises which is a perfect gift? What is the gift which will enhance joy?

There are three types of gifts.

  1. Gift of material object. Feed some one for a meal, the hunger returns after a few hours. Donate money, it vanishes very fast. Give property, it liquidates in one life time.
  2. Gift of knowledge. It leads to quenching of curiosity. It leads to getting insights. It leads to awareness and is retained.
  3. Gift of spirituality. Enlighten someone’s path to inner doors. Lead towards higher realms. Share insights of life. They stay forever. In doing so you have reduced the suffering . The effect is not for one lifetime, but it gets ingrained into Sanaskar, and is carried for lives after lives.

It is very important that we in addition of self discovery of path towards our enlightenment , share our insights with as many as possible. Help others in discovering their inner light is the best gift that we can give and the quality of joy experienced is of the highest level.

Do it for someone and you yourself will experience the difference in quality of joy .

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