How Bog Is A Moment?


We all have been told bo always be present in the Now. “ EsteHora” . Happiness resides there. The culprit is our mind which either takes us to future worries or past failures. It never allows us to stay in present.

We generally agree with this and seldom get a chance to consider another vital question. How long is this now? One hour? 15 minutes? 5 minutes? A day? How long shall we force our mind to be in the present.

No where in the literature we get an answer to it. Then in a flash a sentence sprang up in my mind.

“Glide with the moment, on its way to meet the next moment”.

Yes , eureka, this is the unit of time of now. How beautiful. Just imagine you are gliding with the feather, on its way to meet the ground, stay with it till it meets the ground. Another example, be with the drop of water in the clouds, gaining enough mass of droplets to allow gravity to work on it and it rushes to meet earth.stey with it till it reaches down.

You see your beloved and rush with open arms to embrace and engulf them…that is the length of a moment.

Glide with the moment on its way to meet the next moment…..

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