How Do I Tackle The Negative Feeling When My Dreams Don’t Materialise


I have a dream, I have put in effort, but not seeing the results. What do I do?

This feeling fills our mind most of the times. How do I tackle this feeling? How can I remove the negative poison filling my mind.

People have tried to answer this question since long. Most of the spiritual literature is primarily trying to answer this amongst other similar questions.

One of the answers is, Gods plan for me is bigger and better than my dreams. The force that has created this universe, has done it so beautifully that there is no conflict. Look at the leaves of a tree, how neatly they are packed. How beautifully are the petals of a flower placed.

Similarly, our lives also are arranged with a grand design. Our efforts have a time span , but results have a different timeline. They fructify when the conditions are ripe. The seed sprouts only when the weather is conducive.

With this set of thoughts,the realization dawns in U.S. We reduce our suffering, and get an answer.

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