How Do We Stop The Incessent chatter of Our Mind?


Attempting cessation of thoughts is a very courageous act. It requires huge effort in will power and runs the risk of being ridiculed by self.

But the life grows when insurmountable acts are attempted and accomplished.

One simple technique is to “seek the light beyond the thin veil of attachments”

Close your eyes, focus on breath, and imagine that each worldly attachment to name, fame, possession, relations is like an obstruction stopping the light to enter you. That’s why the eyelids appear black on the inside.

One by one, dissolve each attachment and you will experience the color of the closed eyelid changing. It will move from darkness to brighter color. “ tamso ma jyotirgamya”

As we concentrate more, the light becomes brighter….

We suddenly realize that for the last 5 minutes we have ceased all thoughts.

A inner peace descends and a joy erupts.

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