We all, all the time transmit love. Love is the basic emission from our mind. We are wired to transmit love, when we are not doing, or thinking anything, we as default commence transmitting love. Let this be a basic assumption we agree and internalise. Let this conviction be strongest in our minds, we are love transmitters.

Then the logical question arises, why do we get sad, angry , irritated, upset, jealous, all the time, with few windows of feeling the love? Why we do not feel the love that we are transmitting? Why it gets overcome by grief? Why love stays in the background, only to spring up intermittently?

The nano insight here is a very simple observation . When we love someone, something, some concept, some idea, we transmit love, with an urge to posses. We do transmit love, but on the carrier waves of a desire to posses. The underlying feeling is to grab, collect, hoard, include, cover and prevent others from doing the same. The loan smitten love gets polluted by inability to share. This morphs into anger, jealousy, sadness and every other emotion that we keep on transmitting to the world.

Just try to love something, selflessly. Just try to give without expectation. Just try to share with no right on justice. Just unshackle yourself from the desire.

Simply let it go.

The true love will be felt. Mind will rise to transmit more. Love will gain strength. It will become stronger than the venom that others spew on you. You will become transparent to criticism. Your face will glow. The inner beauty will come on the surface.

World will be a better place. Just ask yourself, how strong is your love?

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