How To End A Conflict?


What is the end state of any conflict?

One side pardons the other side. It is not one side overcomes the other side, that is a temporary respite.

How does one pardons other?
Either verbally or internally. Verbal pardon is again temporary as we do not know what reaction it has invoked in other.

In the internal pardon, who is the speaker and who is the listener?
This question requires reflection. “ Go I have pardoned you” who speaks this and who listens this as both are internal things.

Is it a self talk? Then who is other than self inside of you listening to you?

Confusing, yes, but just ponder over this. When you talk to self, which we keep on doing the whole day, who us the listener, and who us the speaker.

We have two very important components in us. “ Jiv-atma” and “ Mann”. The jiv-atma is the voice of God in us. The Mann is the voice of our self. Most of the times the voice of Mann dominates the feeble voice of jiv-atma.
In fact when we pardon someone, it is the voice of jiv-atma telling the Mann that I have forgiven this person.

That’s why it is very difficult to forgive someone.
That’s why conflicts still are unresolved.

We do not let our “jiv-atma” tell our Mann , please stop, enough is enough….

And the only language of this jiv- atma is the voice of love. Pure unconditional love . This force only propels us to resolve the conflict…

Listen to your jiv- atma…

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