The good in you will always come back with extra energy. How ever depressed you are,however low the morale is.There will always be a voice with you, telling you lets start afresh.

Memories of past failure, unknown future will make it look like a dark alley, but the voice will tell you, look up , look at the beautifully painted ceiling. Look at the light at the end of the dark alley.

When you shift your focus from the darkness ahead of you to the the light and the ceiling, the good in you will rebound. It will hit you with a tsunami of energy, making you push your first step into the darkness.

Your feet will try to find the ground. Darkness, confusion, fear of previous failure will dissolve. The moment your heal hits the ground, another wave of good energy rushes in.

You take the dare of taking the next step. With this small incremental micro success you will reach the end of the darkness .

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