Interconnectedness: Is There A Cosmic Consciousness?


Are we all enveloped by a intelligence or consciousness which guides us? Is there a level of living which is beyond the comprehension of our limited intelligence?

Answers to similar questions have eluded all of us from time immemorial. But the mere existence of this quest proves that we are searching for something that is beyond the horizon we all see.

A few of the scientific exploration and quests in recent times have thrown up baffling results. The world of sub atomic particles is the most intriguing one. Three phenomena observed by a number of scientist repeatedly has been codified as electron, proton, and neutron. These are said to be discreet particles which become wave like when observed in differently.

Similar observations are observed by the quest into deep space. The inner world is a reflection of external world. Or is it vice versa? The discovery of an earth like planets recently has thrown some light on the extend and vastness of the universe. Or is it a multiverse?

The emptiness in the space is full of dark matter which we simply do not know what it consists of. Suddenly we realise the abstruse nature of our observation. Emptiness consists of dark matter which is unknown to us. Is emptiness of the universe multilayered? Multi-layered with what?

It is interconnectedness. We all are interconnected. The universe is a very finely balanced interconnected , interrelated world of emptiness. Matter is the boundary of emptiness and all is delicately balanced.

Definitely reflecting on these thoughts release a bit of suffering in us.

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