What is the mark of a true leader? When the world is busy in fighting on day to day basis, he architects the next level. Once a plan has been finalised, operationalised and achieved moderate progress, the leader detaches from the discourse and plans the next level.

For planning, the inputs that is taken is the vision of the final fructification of the initial task. To get the clear vision, the leader needs to introspect. We all need to introspect. We all need mid course corrections in our lives.

How do we introspect? When should we introspect? Let me share some nano insights.

For introspection, simply pause. Detach yourself from the current activity. Push yourself back and very sincerely ask yourself,this question very slowly. “ What am I doing?”

The answers will range from current activity of next few hours to the aim of the activity.

Again ask the same question with emphasis on doing. “ What am I DOOOING?”

Now the inner voice will reply conceptually. Earning my livelihood, teaching, passing values, making fool of others, practicing dishonesty.

Again ask the same question , this time emphasis on I ,” What am IIIIII doing”?

The answer will now be even deeper. Wasting time, wasting time and wasting time.

For the last time ask yourself , this time emphasis on what “ WWWWWWHHHHAAAATTTT am I doing?

The answer will be “ Nothing”.

Take a deep breath. You have formatted your mind of all attachments. Now you can water seeds of what you want to do. Now you can define the course for next few weeks, months, years.

This is a simple technique of introspection.

Doctors Advice : To be done once a quarter.

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