Joy, Happiness, Bliss


How to be in a state where you only surround yourself with joy, happiness and bliss?
This question has haunted all of us and our ancestors for ages, without any credible answer.
I read about a simple practice, just sharing the summary of the thought process.

The prime assumption is, joy, happiness, bliss are generated and released internally and this has nothing to do with external world.

The problem is that this assumption is most difficult to understand or believe to be true. But once we step back and reflect, the truth of its existence dawns upon us.

Imagine four people
1. One who loves you most selflessly
2. Two who loves you most with selfish motive
3.Three someone who is neutral towards you.
4. Fourth someone who hates you.

We will be quick to find the fourth the earliest and then the first kind. The second and third will require some mental effort.

Once identified, imagine the first one is standing next to you and smiling at you. The mind will start becoming warm, increase the intensity, engulf yourself in the warmth of the smile of the person who loves you most.

When the feeling is at its peak, replace him/her with the second person. You will start ignoring the selfish part and this persons smile will again fill you with warmth. Make effort to take it to the level of the first person.

Now move to third person, from a neutral image, it is easy to fire it to smiling one, imagine this person is also smiling at you with the warmth of first two persons.

Now imagine all three are smiling at you with utmost warmth, bring into consciousness the image of the fourth person, the one you hate or the one who hates you. Focus on the warmth of first three, the hate between you and the fourth person will start evaporating. Make this person smile. Do all of this in your mind.

Finally let all four of them smile at you in one frame of image.

Rewiring of internal circuitry will happen. The changes in your outlook will be felt by you.

Repeat this at the start of the day, in a few days you will be full of bliss, oblivious of the wordly affairs

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