Mental Landscape


We all were very comfortably living in our mothers womb for the first nine months of our lives. We dreamt the dreams of our mother, felt happy whe she laughed, and felt sad when she felt bad. There was no worry of food, the umbilical cord passed on to us what the mom ate and we enjoyed . When we felt excited, we kicked the tummy and mom used to join us in feeling excited and bathe us in utmost love generously. It was the best of the times. It was the happiest of times.

Then one day, we were born, and the umbilical chord was cut. Suddenly we had to breathe through our lungs. Suddenly the food was to be taken in through mouth and we had to fetch for it. An element of uncertainty crept inside us.

This also was the start of two basic fears in our lives which continues till today. All other fears are a modification of these two fears.

1. Fear of being left alone. With the starting of independent breathing process, a realisation suddenly dawned on us, “I am afraid,my mother is not around me, I might be left alone”. This fear is the basis of all our future fears. Fear of unknown, fear of darkness, name any other fear, they all spring from this basic fear.

2. Fear of survival. With umbilical chord gone, a fear engulfes us, who will feed me, how will I survive. Not only that I am alone, I also have to fend for myself. “If I do not get anything in my tummy, I will not survive.” This becomes the second basic fear in our lives. All fears connected with strangers, uncomfortable situations, spring from this basic fear.

By focussing our attention on only these two fears and labelling our fears into these two baskets will in an indirect way dispel most of them. When ever we feel fear rising in us, just go back to this narrative,recall the types and try to classify as per the definitions above.

The moment you adopt this process, the fear will dissolve.

This is also called shinning the light of insight on the mental landscape…

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