We all talk about our rights and justice.Human rights are the ones which we very passionately demand from the social order. Rights are enshrined in the constitution of the country.

Irrespective of the country or constitution, four rights are the basic ones. Infringement of these generate maximum passion. They are – the right to privacy, the right to freedom of expression, the right to livelihood, and the right to religious freedom.

Others are added to it, some morph a few but these basic rights are enshrined in various forms in different documents all over the world.

Similarly, the justice system is based on two principles, no innocent to be punished, onus of proving guilt is with the social order. In a few crimes, the onus lies with the accused, but largely, the state needs to prove that crime has been conducted.

But these arguments are from the supply side. They are the views from the seeker side, from the consumer side , from the oppressed side, from the content part of society.

The real thing that gets the system in place is, might and mercy. The container has the might, the system dispenses mercy. The oppressor has the might, it showers mercy on oppressed. The producers have might, they release mercy.Change your perspective to this line of thought, and you will witness the struggle of the day in a understanding way.

At our own level, let’s try to put this use. We have all the might. We shower mercy. Our might is boundless. We will never run out of might. A human being is a mighty force which is inexhaustible. Always keep this thought at the back of your mind.

You are the might, that is giving mercy to the world around you by showering love. Unconditional love. Love with no expectations. Boundless love. The more love you give to others, mightier will you feel. Might is all about dispensing love.

Might is not the start point, might is the end result. This is a very revealing insight. Ponder over it. You do not assume might and then start loving every one. In this case it is conditional love, which is based on temporal format and will evaporate the moment conditions change.

But if unconditional love become the fountainhead, might comes in the back ground.

Unconditionally breeds love. Pure love is mercy. Mercy develops might.

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