Both were happy and good friends. Both lived in different places and seldom met. Milk was eager to meet water and so was water, whose heart always desired to be with milk.

One day milk arrived accidentally in a household. The lady of the house poured some water in it. They were so happy that finally they have met. They took a vow to never ever get separated. They simply dissolved themselves in the love for other, inseparable. Their joy knew no bound.

While they were lovingly feeling each other in the container, the lady lit the fire. It became cosy, warm and comfortable, but only for a few minutes then the heat became unbearable. The water rushed to the bottom. “Let me burn myself, you will be saved from this terrible agony. “ The milk was screaming as it simply could not bear the heat. “ Please help us” milk cried. Nobody came to rescue.

The water with unbearable heat started turning into steam. It has only one aim, to save the milk. Seeing the agony of water, the milk was anguished and distressed . No external help, no internal stopping. Nothing was working.

In order to save the life of the water, milk simply boiled over. It threw itself on the flames and extinguish them. Milk gave away its life to save the life of its lover and friend.

Such is the relation between our life and our mind.

Life is water, and mind is milk.

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