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Three Professional Promises


We all in our profession have moments of success, joy, defeat, betrayal, ignored at various stages by our superiors, peers and subordinates. At times it is encouraging, at times it is frustrating…………….
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Always Pray Thrice. But Why?


We all have been told since our childhood that prayers are to be said three times. Any invocation of God, our own God, has to be three times.
The most ancient and powerful mantra is “ Oom Shanti, Shanti, Shanti”
– Om let there be peace, let there be peace, let there be peace. This also does it three times……………
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Three Steps To Invite Harmony In Life


Stop visiting future. Plan next three hours and focus on the activity at hand. Stop visiting the anticipated result. Stop getting afraid of failure. Divide life in chunks of next three hours……………
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Think Away From Your Head, Live Farthest From Your Heart


Where do we think from? Which part of our body is involved in thinking? Where do we live? Inside the body where is the dwelling place of our life?

It is a common perception that we think with our brain. The real estate between our ears is perceived to be the place where thinking takes place…………..
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Can Physical Pain Be Overcome?


Pain robs us of our happiness. Physical pain takes away everything. Recall your last toothache. Recall the pain of the various stones in kidney, gall bladder. Recall the pain of the back. Recall the pain of the knees………….
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What Robs Us Of Our Happiness Part-IV.?


Four things which rob us of our happiness are
1. Anger
2. Fear
3. Sorrow
4. Pain

Anger is primarily attributed to our ancestors, responding to present sensory input, causing partial understanding which leads to burst of energy. ………….
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What Robs Us Of Our Happiness Part-III.?


The first two feeling are anger and fear. Both rob us of our happiness. They hijack the thought process and control the logic, reason and discretion. ………….
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What Robs Us Of Our Happiness Part-II.?


The first thing that robs us of our happiness is the feeling of anger. The misinterpretation of sensory inputs always is the cause of anger. It is simply residing in us. As they say external events are just a push to the energy waiting to explode………….
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What Robs Us Of Our Happiness.?


Why our happiness gets robbed away? Why we enter the state of deprivation of happiness so frequently? Why happiness is so short lived?

We have four feelings that hijack us away from our happiness.
The first is anger. Why do we get angry? Try answering this, we will reach no where. All answers we get will point to some theory, some medical term, or some nomenclature. We will reach a label only. We will not reach the exact reason…………
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How Do I Tackle The Negative Feeling When My Dreams Don’t Materialise


I have a dream, I have put in effort, but not seeing the results. What do I do?

This feeling fills our mind most of the times. How do I tackle this feeling? How can I remove the negative poison filling my mind.

People have tried to answer this question since long. Most of the spiritual literature is primarily trying to answer this amongst other similar questions…………
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Fight For Your Place In History


They will tell you, “ not possible”
They will tell you, “ you are wasting your time”
They will tell you, “ are you out of your mind”
They will tell you, “ don’t become emotional”………..
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Joy, Happiness, Bliss


How to be in a state where you only surround yourself with joy, happiness and bliss?
This question has haunted all of us and our ancestors for ages, without any credible answer………..
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What Is The Nature Of True Friendship?


The nature of true friendship is that it should not entertain any type of logical conditioning.It is not something like a mountain that you climb step by step satisfying one condition after another……….
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Nothing Lasts, Not Even Worries


On the way back yesterday evening from office I glanced up from Dhaulakuan and was reminded of the days we stayed in those dwellings.

When was that? ………
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How Do We Stop The Incessent chatter of Our Mind?


Attempting cessation of thoughts is a very courageous act. It requires huge effort in will power and runs the risk of being ridiculed by self.

But the life grows when insurmountable acts are attempted and accomplished………..
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What Makes Friends For A Life Time?


When we interact with others for a number of issues and always try to discern four things in others.

This process happens subconsciously and the life in us sends us signals which we recognise over a period of time……….
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How To End A Conflict?


What is the end state of any conflict?

One side pardons the other side. It is not one side overcomes the other side, that is a temporary respite. …………….
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How Bog Is A Moment?


We all have been told bo always be present in the Now. “ EsteHora” . Happiness resides there. The culprit is our mind which either takes us to future worries or past failures. It never allows us to stay in present…………….
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Walk Together Into Love

Read this sentence at the end of a short story, “ and they walked into sunset”. Felt a bit odd. If the love is so strong, why should one walk into sunset , something that depicts fading away……………
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Feeling Change The Perspective


Have you noticed a very subtle shift in your observation.
While listening to old music or any other music, when you are happy you enjoy the music. You sway to the beats, you flow with the rhythm…………
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How Deep is Your Love By BEE GEES


I know your eyes in the morning sun
I feel you touch me in the pouring rain
And the moment that you wander far from me
I wanna feel you in my arms again………
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Childhood Antics


When my daughter was barely a few years old, I asked her one evening,

“How much do you love me?”

“Ittashara” this big, said the girl stretching out her arms……….
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Simple Thought To Tame The Ego


We were chatting yesterday, and my son was discussing one of his friends. “ He is very egoistic, has a huge ego, in fact if his ego is hurt,” my son added with emphasis “he won’t mind harming himself”. We all had a laugh and I reflected “ generally everyone has this quality “on what he said. ……
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Simplest Form Of Meditation In Digital Form


A computer instruction to execute a simple instruction on meditation

Start of the program

>Release the perceptions of reality which are only manifestations of the mind………
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What Do We Create When We Are Creative?


A bit philosophical note. I realized that what we create and claim as original contribution is already there. The seven notes are there since ages. Every one knows them. The seven colors are there .Every one has seen them. The five root elements are always there , we all know about them……..
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Watering The Seeds But With What?


Everything is present inside our mind. Seeds of happiness, sorrow, anger, joy, are all present. When we feel happy, we don’t get anything injected from outside. ……
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Is There A Thing Better Than Spending Quality Time Together?


They often say, spending quality time together is a sign of deep love. It is an indicator of mutual respect. It shows the connect at a higher dimension. ……
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Tools To Invite Bliss In Your Life


The two most potent tools for inviting bliss in your life are simply
Suspend judgment
Delay gratification

Let’s see how they work. . ……
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Does Fulfillment Of Desires Bring In Happiness?


Our desires are endless. It is like this. If a huge crack appears in the earth and then we try to fill it by pouring water in it, the crack will never be full. ……
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The feeling of joy is at a level which is higher than happiness. Happiness is at a level which is higher than simple smile. Smile, happiness, joy are the expressions of the body when suffering is released. What causes us to smile? What causes us to experience happiness? What causes us to be in a joyful state?……
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What Can You Give To Others With Joy


“Daan” is a Sanskrit word which means more than giving. It is giving away worldly possessions, knowledge and the desire to own them again in balance of life time.

Now this is a very tall order. What all can we give which replenishes again without our desire coming in between? Is there something that can be give away but still stays abundant in us? Can we give something where the joy is in giving and the joy refills the quantity given away?……
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Mental Landscape


We all were very comfortably living in our mothers womb for the first nine months of our lives. We dreamt the dreams of our mother, felt happy when she laughed, and felt sad when she felt bad. There was no worry of food, the umbilical cord passed on to us what the mom ate and we enjoyed . When we felt excited, we kicked the tummy and mom used to join us in feeling excited and bathe us in utmost love generously. It was the best of the times. It was the happiest of times……
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Three Types of Feelings


We have three types of feelings in us. Very simply. Good feelings, bad feelings and neither good nor bad, a neutral kind of feelings.

The good feelings are easily recognisable and we always wish that they stay longer. A feeling once has arisen, will keep on diminishing in magnitude, till it dissolves. But we wish that feel good, the good feelings stay for ever. This is also the cause of our excessive indulgence – over eating, drinking binges and other excesses of life…….
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The good in you will always come back with extra energy. How ever depressed you are,however low the morale is.There will always be a voice with you, telling you lets start afresh.

Memories of past failure, unknown future will make it look like a dark alley, but the voice will tell you, look up , look at the beautifully painted ceiling……
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This you have to do only once and then your anger will dissolve for ever.

When you are angry, just look into a mirror to find how beautiful you are looking. Remove the mirror at once because you will burst into laughter with in seconds of looking at your image with that funny expression…….
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The Flame


Out in the open
The lamp blows out

It had no oil
It feared the foil
Lacked the motivation
No determination…….
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Unconditional Love


Love is discovery of ourselves in others. Unconditional love is discovering ourselves in every one. Treating entire humanity as one. …….
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Dont Trade On Love


“ I like you, but…”
“ He is doing a great job , but….”
“ fantastic, what a spectacular feat but…”

What is the feeling generated in you while reading the three sentences above? Confusion, correct. What the author wanted to convey, the author wanted to share joy, praise someone, applaud the effort……
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Meditation Techniques


A very simple technique.
1. Sit comfortably.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Take a deep breath.
4. Focus on the centre of forehead.
5. Imagine a hole opening there.
6. Initially it will be a bigger one, make efforts to decrease its size……
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Mind Control


What are the signs which show that a person is completely under the control Of his mind ?

1. Always finding faults in others and feeling good about own virtues.
2. Always criticising actions of others.
3. Always talking ill of those who are not present to defend themselves.
4. Always thinking that all other people are wicked, bad people and out to deceive and defraud. There are no good people in the world……
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If we consider our mind to our living room and all the thoughts as people, we will be surprized to know how many unwanted guests we have, most of them uninvited.

There will be perceptions chatting away to glory in one corner, unmindful of the happenings, the moment sense organs approach them, they give a stock reply and continue with the chat.

There we will have lonely thoughts sitting on a chair. Singing their songs unmindful of the crowd. Ask them for a drink and they start wailing as if we have disrturbed their siesta…..
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