Nothing Lasts, Not Even Worries


On the way back yesterday evening from office I glanced up from Dhaulakuan and was reminded of the days we stayed in those dwellings.

When was that?

2006, it’s been eight years since we moved on in life. How time flies. Our daughter was in 9th in those days, today our son is doing his second year of engineering. Fond memories of their going to school rushed into my mind. I smiled.

I suddenly realized , the worries I had in 2006 are nowhere now. In fact I had to make efforts to recall what I was worried of in those days.

What was uppermost in my mind in those days? Well after searching the memory I could vaguely recall that it had to do with the transition I was about to make. Apprehensions that will I make it? Am I taking the right decision? It this the correct path? Endless days were spend in seeking satisfying answer to each question.

Now when I look back, how laughable were my fears. How insignificant issues occupied my mind for days. How a small unknown of the future robbed the entire days peace of mind.

We all have our demons in the head to fight. We keep annihilating them one after another. They keep on appearing with the regularity of a clock chime. This is life.

This journey of eight years has taught me a number of things

1. The average life of a worry is three days. The maximum it can survive is seven days.
2. The most predominant worry of the month is the one in which we invest effort to keep it alive.
3. If we ignore a worry, it will dissolve on its own. This is the best and fastest way to solve.
4. We are excellent script writers when we face a situation where the outcome is unknown. We design beautiful and elaborate scenarios of probable outcome.
5. We spend least time on best case scenario. The worst case scenario becomes the most vividly described one. It will have the latest projection techniques with sound and 3D visualization.
6. Our reaction to a worry decides our volume of happiness. It has nothing to do with the external world.
7. Nothing lasts, not even worries.

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