Oh How Fragile And Inconsequential Are Our Worries


Read this somewhere else, sharing as it makes a lot of sense..

Conversation of two children:

In the belly of a pregnant woman were two babies. The first asks the other one:

– Do you believe in life after birth?

– Certainly. Something has to be after birth. Maybe we are here mainly because we prepare for what will be later.

– It is foolishness, there is no life after birth. How should that life actually look like?

– I do not know exactly, but certainly there will be more light than here. Maybe we will run on our own feet and eat with mouth.

– That is nonsense! Running is impossible. And eating by mouth? It is totally ridiculous! The navel string feeds us. Something I say: Life after birth is excluded – the umbilical cord is already very short.

– Indeed, there certainly is something. Just maybe everything will be a little different than what we are used to have here.

– But nobody after birth has ever returned from there. Childbirth just ends life. And after all, life is nothing else than protracted distress in the darkness.

– Well, I do not know exactly how it will look like after birth, but surely we will see the mother and she will take care of us.

– Mother? Do you believe in mother? And where is she supposed to be?

– Where? All around us! In her and through her we live. Without her we would not have existed at all.

– I do not believe it! I have never seen any mother, so it is clear that there is none.

– Well, but sometimes when we are silent, you can hear her singing, or feel how she keeps stroking our world. You know, I really think that the real life awaits us only then and now we simply preparing for it…

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