One Level Up, Move To Beauty


The only thing that will invoke love in your minds for all other human beings, is a simple action by you.

Shut your eyes to entertainment and open your eyes to beauty.

The moment you cross this threshold you will experience a joy inside you, a spurt of energy.

Move one level higher, move up, move away from validating your fixed ideas about good and bad all the time. This is entertainment.

You have an idea what is right. You spend energy to connect your idea with events through your senses. Once they meet or connect established, you feel relieved. This is entertainment.

After all it is just an idea. Facts are nothing, but simple experiences which you can predict, till they are replaced by something else. Your sticking to your experience and struggling to get a repeat is where you spend your mental energy. This is entertainment.

Discard entertainment and you will experience beauty. Beauty is the experience of being in the now, living the moment and stopping from labeling inputs into your preconceived buckets of right and wrong.

This is beauty.

Move up.

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