God is described over the ages in different forms, thoughts, concepts, religions, ideas, guides and formless manifestations. It is the one topic on which no two people will agree.

But everyone acknowledges the presence of a force, light or intelligence which is at the helm of the order which is so perfectly balanced and is flawless.

Till the time there is death

Till the time there is fear of death

Till the time there is weakness of heart

Till the time there is a cry in the weak moment

There will always be a faith in God.

Who so ever answers the cry of anguish, who so ever understands, who so ever gives a shoulder to support will be the God for that person.

We all carry our own God with us.

This is the truth that is common in all explanations of God.

Find you own God, do not denounce others God, because they were answering their cries of anguish of someone else, with same promptness.



Happiness and joy are two state which are always sought after by all of us. Happiness is when a sense organ gets its sense object. It is more on getting, acquiring, possessing, savouring, ingesting.

Joy is the feeling one gets when willingly we part with something. The feeling of gifting, charity, philanthropy and benevolence lead to joy.

The question arises which is a perfect gift? What is the gift which will enhance joy?

There are three types of gifts.

  1. Gift of material object. Feed some one for a meal, the hunger returns after a few hours. Donate money, it vanishes very fast. Give property, it liquidates in one life time.
  2. Gift of knowledge. It leads to quenching of curiosity. It leads to getting insights. It leads to awareness and is retained.
  3. Gift of spirituality. Enlighten someone’s path to inner doors. Lead towards higher realms. Share insights of life. They stay forever. In doing so you have reduced the suffering . The effect is not for one lifetime, but it gets ingrained into Sanaskar, and is carried for lives after lives.

It is very important that we in addition of self discovery of path towards our enlightenment , share our insights with as many as possible. Help others in discovering their inner light is the best gift that we can give and the quality of joy experienced is of the highest level.

Do it for someone and you yourself will experience the difference in quality of joy .



One of the most all time great message of Gita – the song celestial is, you have a right to work, you have a right to toil, you have a right to activity, but you do not have a right to its fruits.

We all have heard this and use it to hide our failures. In our self talk, after a failure, we say to ourselves, even Gita says so, let’s move on, search for a new objective, give up hope and let it go.

Incorrect. We follow the first part, we toil, we do not get result as we desire, we give up. The insight here is, give up the desire of the result, but DO NOT give up the effort.

The desired result in us is an image of our mind as to how the effort will manifest itself. The image either can be strengthened by resolve to do better, or can be simply given up to focus on reimagining the effort and resource optimisation.

Give up on the image of pleasure . Give up on the image of fame. Give up on the perceived comfort. This is also called out of the box thinking. Give up the box itself. These things were simply not yours because they were an illusion of the mind.

Once you clear this junk,redouble your effort. Complete the task with the feeling that after completion it is going to be dedicated to God, your God, whom so ever you believe in. If an atheist, dedicate it to your courage. Because for an atheist, courage is the God.

The result will manifest when the conditions are ripe. You simply give up only on the time of expected results.



This is my most sincere advice to everyone, with a wink of the eye, just get involved in cooking for the family. Slowly take over the dinner preparation and discussion. Start with learning the names, master the processes and with the inspiration of all the great cooks and chefs become a master.

Why I am professing this is simply because, a whole lot of negative energies are bombarded into our home. Without invitation, Arnabs Barkhas barge into our dining rooms, sit around our dinner table and hijack the discussion.

The solution is switch off the TV, but then what to do? We have almost three hours to ourselves, before dinner is served. We have nothing else to do, so we open the window on the wall, and lo behold, more than 30 of lies propogators, swarm into our rooms. Before we realise, they have opened our mind, injected their poison, and sealed it back. We change channels, and a second set of Rajdeeps and Nidhis do the same operation.

By the time dinner is ready, we are so full of garbage in the mind, that what we eat also gets poisoned and has a effect negatively on our body.Yes, the thoughts that are in the mind, while we are eating food, get digested along with the food and if they are venomous, they poison the body, hastening the ageing process.

The other thing that we indulge in is, reading newspapers. They are also paid pamphlets of propoganda. The highest bidder gets a space to sell its venom.

If we do not watch TV or read newspaper, then what do we do?

Cook the dinner, get involved in laying the table, get involved in improving the presentation and plating. The aim of the entire exercise is, when your children come to the table for dinner, all they should be able to say.”waooooooooooow”. Imagine their wide eyes, filled with wonder, excitement and savouring the enchanting aroma.

I bet the happiness you will feel is worth the effort. It is the ultimate stess buster.



Both were happy and good friends. Both lived in different places and seldom met. Milk was eager to meet water and so was water, whose heart always desired to be with milk.

One day milk arrived accidentally in a household. The lady of the house poured some water in it. They were so happy that finally they have met. They took a vow to never ever get separated. They simply dissolved themselves in the love for other, inseparable. Their joy knew no bound.

While they were lovingly feeling each other in the container, the lady lit the fire. It became cosy, warm and comfortable, but only for a few minutes then the heat became unbearable. The water rushed to the bottom. “Let me burn myself, you will be saved from this terrible agony. “ The milk was screaming as it simply could not bear the heat. “ Please help us” milk cried. Nobody came to rescue.

The water with unbearable heat started turning into steam. It has only one aim, to save the milk. Seeing the agony of water, the milk was anguished and distressed . No external help, no internal stopping. Nothing was working.

In order to save the life of the water, milk simply boiled over. It threw itself on the flames and extinguish them. Milk gave away its life to save the life of its lover and friend.

Such is the relation between our life and our mind.

Life is water, and mind is milk.



We are all a spirit, a point of life, vibrating in a spherical manner.The waves that we emit are neither horizontal, nor transverse, but they are spherical waves.

The centre of this sphere is somewhere behind our heart. The circumference of this sphere is endless and infinite. When we try to gauge the limit, we emit our imagination.

What our eyes perceive is an illusion. Limited to a very narrow band of spectrum of electro-magnetic caves. There waves exite the retina of eye and we see.

The spherical waves are felt by us all the time and we respond to them. The way collective consciousness works. The way hunch feeling works. The way gut feeling suggests us.

When we are at a point of decision, what tips us to take one of the choices? What tips the scale? Who makes the decision?

It is the spherical vibration of all affected persons. You will get something when the giver is ready to give. The body, thoughts, have no role to play in your achieving something. Only your actions, feelings during the currency of the action get converted into spherical waves and excite the giver.

Finally, at the time of death, the point of vibration, simply changes the location of the Center of the sphere from your body to another body.

This is the final , ultimate reality. The formlessness of the life in you. Thus drop your ego, pick up life and do your duty.



Affection is like honey. It sticks to everything. It has a quality to get attached. When the mother is embracing the child in her lap, she looses her sense of self and becomes one with the affection for the child. It is so strong that both the child and the mother loose themselves in the moment. The mother knows the child is her own. She posses the child and wants the child to enter her heart . The feeling is to simply stuff the child inside.

Affection has this at the base. It wants to posses. It wants to own. It wants to pull the object of affection inside the area if control. It wants the honey thread to become the rope to pull inwards, to simply own. All the energy is inwards directed.

Compassion is also the same energy, but it is like light. It radiates. It moves out. It wants to illuminate. It wants to melt the suffering by warmth of love. It feels joy in giving love. It seeks nothing in return. It flows out from the white part of the eyes. The black part gets the visible light in. The white part transmits compassion towards objects on focus.

Affection is the start point with a pulling inwards force. Compassion is a radiating force which develops gradually.



We all get angry. We all become greedy. We all allow lust to take over. We indulge at times under own will or at times under the influence of habit energy.

Once we are done with our indulgence, the energy rebounds and moves out of the pleasure. The hollow pleasure pricks us to question the decision to indulge. This leads to regret, but seldom any course correction takes place. We continue to indulge in our anger, greed or lust.

At times we try to control anger by suppressing it. Another method we use is ignore the provocation. Some suggest find humor in the situation. Another method suggested is change the perspective. Look at it from the point of the provication.

A philosophical look is that the one provoking you is also suffering. By not responding, you are helping them in releasing their suffering. By responding you are aggravating their suffering.

All these methods are addressing the symptoms. Typical allopathic medicine. Suppress the pain by blocking the pain transmitting nerves. Control the blood pressure by blocking the enzyme. Never address the real cause.

If we do a root cause of the anger, greed and lust, we reach a conclusion that all of us have some typical inclination. During the formative years on the first encounter of the provocation the inclination is formed. As we keep on growing, those inclined to get angry, get disturbed by anger. Those inclined to be greedy, get disturbed by greed. And similarly for lust.

We keep on addressing the symptoms , but seldom look at inclination. Everything changes with time, but the inclination does not change on its own. If we are inclined to get angry, we will get angry at the slightest provocation.

The insight is to identify your inclination. This can be done by doing an audit of all the activities done during the day. Identify what was predominant – anger, greed or lust. The moment you have identified your inclination, the inclination changes. It hides and will try to run away from you.

Identify the inclination, focus on it, bring it in the full glare of your awareness , it will transform.

Simple, if you know, you are inclined to get disturbed by anger, you will get less angry.



We all are energy producers. Plants are food producers because they fix the sunlight into chemical compounds which we all consume to produce energy.

The real reason of presence of energy in us is that we seek the ultimate reality. Now this is a very profound insight. Why do we have energy in us? It is simply to seek the ultimate truth, to seek the final reality, to reach the core of existence.

Energy if it is not used in this persuit, it dissipates in mischief, gratification of senses and worldly senseless chases. We all observe this and at times are helpless as a straw in the vortex. This helplessness is not eternal. When we are over indulgent in a sense pleasure, the energy itself repels after sometime.

Energy creates a discipline of it’s own. It propels us to realise the ultimate reality.

Ponder over this, if we are not meditating, if we are not sitting alone, in solitude and seeking answers to questions – Who we are? Why we are here? What is our purpose? We are not allowing the energy to manifest itself.

In such cases, energy will start withdrawing from our pursuits. We will feel bored. We will stop enjoying what was very enjoyable a few minutes ago.

In such states, remember, the energy is creating its discipline. We need to connect with the source. We need to sit and meditate.



Dreams do not turn into reality without effort. Effort requires guidance. Guidance is provided by mental powers. These mental powers require our focus, attention and energy.

  • Self discipline

Simply it is the percentage of promises made to self and followed. The promises are only in terms of time. How much if effort , I will put in by what time? What all I will do by what time? What all I will not do? Answer these three questions and you have self discipline of the highest order.

  • Patience

Patience is not to loose focus on what you want. Patience is not to alter your expectation. Patience is not to give up enroute. Patience is fault resolution.

  • Courage

Courage is taking the first step when the ground beneath the second step is infirm. Courage is telling your fears to simply shut up. Courage is focussing on the light at the end of tunnel and I gone the darkness around.

  • Persistence

Applying effort in waves is called persistence. If one wave has failed, the next is round the corner. A quick regrouping and the second wave goes in. The third, the fourth. Waves continue to hit the stone till it becomes sand.

  • Curiosity

The urge to challenge the limits, the thirst to reach the bottom of the abyss. The curiosity to improve the process. The spark that fires the engine, the idea that moves the mountain is curiosity.