What is the prime responsibity of all of us towards our own children? If we try to answer this question to ourselves, we may feel a loss of words, an awkward moment , something which we have been doing but never vocalised or verbalised to ourselves.

The answer range from, making them responsible citizens, giving them good values, train them in worldly wise skill sets, training them for future, give them best education, filling their lives with joy, make them happy, make them more successful than ourselves.

All of this can be achieved in two steps. The first is in the formative years, help them firm their ideal. Let the children discover the world, and construct their ideals, let them mentally identify a role model, let them be guided towards the image of what is best. That’s why in olden days we had stories of valour, sacrifice, love, were told by grand mothers. The Ramayan is a religious book, but also shapes the values, sanskar, through repeated listening. Ram lila was an annual affair, to reinforce these values in the neighbourhood. All this helps in forming a child’s ideals.

Once the ideals are set, in all fields, ignite their ambition. Let them aspire to reach their ideals.Support all efforts, nudge all actions towards realisation of the ideal.

And the secret is, keep on raising the bar gradually, till they become adults. Once they become adults, they will have ambition, they would have gone through a childhood where the expectations from them were never fully met, but their achievements grew. Their achievements were appreciated. Their pride in their success will fuel their next level effort.

Now asking for more from own effort will become a habit.

They themselves will now aspire for more, it will be time for you to look at their success, by withdrawing in the background.

Keep showering blessing on them…..

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