The third concept is visible through the third door of the Padamnabhaswamy Temple.
“Sri” is the goddess of prosperity, growth, and wealth. “ Sri “ is one of the names of “ Laxmi” the goddess of wealth.
“ Bhu “ is the Mother Earth. The goddess we all call as Earth. The planet we all live on.
The ground on which we walk, we consider it to be a goddess. This reverence translates into respecting the environment. What the world says, protect the nature, we practice it by personifying it as a Godess.
Now through the third door, the feet of “ Vishnu” are visible, with “ bhu-devi” sitting next to it.
What a beautiful message in a powerful way. Even the nourisher of the cosmos, has his feet on ground and in never away from the realities.
The “Sri-devi” Godess of prosperity sits near the head, and “bhu-devi” sits next to the feet.

You ca look at the image of my yesterday’s post and will find this depicted in the painting.

The third visit to the temple, was very enriching.

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