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Interconnectedness: Is There A Cosmic Consciousness?


Are we all enveloped by a intelligence or consciousness which guides us? Is there a level of living which is beyond the comprehension of our limited intelligence?

Answers to similar questions have eluded all of us from time immemorial. But the mere existence of this quest proves that we are searching for something that is beyond the horizon we all see. …….
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I Will Always Protect You


I always protected you
Standing next to you
I always nourished you
Rain, hail, water, snow
I simply loved you……..
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Life Goes On And On N On


The wind whispered in his ears
It’s time to go
The sun kissed his cheeks
You have grown up
The rain told him
You are ready………..
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Rare Solar Eclipse


Yesterday, the solar eclipse was very rare. It was over the North Pole and on a Equinox. It was also on a full moon.

This image of the eclipse shows all three aspects……
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Be Thankful


Thank you for all the support.
Thank you for all the love.
Thank you for all the affection.

If I keep on thanking you, will I run out of “ thank yous”.
Will my thank yous be reduced by three………
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If we consider the entire universe, Cosmos, as this image, one tiny spec of a dot will be our solar system.

The earth we are living on, will be an invisible extremely small dust particle revolving around that point of light.

Now, from the point where we are, what is time? What is today? What is yesterday? In fact what is a day?

One revolution around its own axis of that piece of dust. Even a earth year is insignificantly small…….
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