Simple Thought To Tame The Ego


We were chatting yesterday, and my son was discussing one of his friends. “ He is very egoistic, has a huge ego, in fact if his ego is hurt,” my son added with emphasis “he won’t mind harming himself”. We all had a laugh and I reflected “ generally everyone has this quality “on what he said.

Generally every one has this quality. Really. I did some thinking and here is my insight

Only those people have ego, who have a secure future. Those who in their foresee-able future envisage no harm to their security. It could be financial, social or physical security. If someone see a danger to anyone of the three, humility will enter.

The question is how can we be humble, even if there is no danger to our security.

Religion and spirituality enters the mind space. The thought on the vastness of the universe, “Brahamand” makes us humble. The thought that time is a mental construct only on earth makes us humble.

The most humbling thought is the vastness of the universe. The moment we realize internally, or just think that how vast and big is the whole universe, we become humble.
Time is only a mental construct of our mind, otherwise it is eternal now- “snatankaal”.
Try to fill your mind with these two concepts today, and at the end of the day you will realize that you had dropped your ego miles behind. This small change in a day will bring in a fresh air of joy, a small happiness on a small scale , but very pure happiness without a reason will be felt.

Hold on to this feeling with your life. Take a vow to increase its quantum tomorrow…..

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