Sky Is Not The Limit


Never limit your imagination in two dimensions

1. Vastness of its reach, grandeur of its detail and richness of its scope.
2. Irrational to present set of thoughts, absurd to today’s logic, impractical with present tools and skills.

Once you have made efforts to construct a dream which fits on all the six parameters above, you already have a business plan to execute.

Now start the next step of decomposing it into working units. And discovering skills to do that small piece. Some skills you will have , others you may acquire, and balance you may outsource. Focus only on the skills.

Once you have identified the skill set bouquet, now move to resources. The most important are time and finances. Focus on time, what all you can do in 8 hours. Take that up, rest delegate.
Now this requires finances. Hunt for finances and with these in place suddenly you will see the…Proverbial foot steps on the moon….

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