It is one of the most difficult thing. It is also the easiest thing. It is impossible to stop the rise of anger. It is easiest to dissolve the risen anger. It is impossible to ignore the provocation. It is easiest to smile at provocation.

All we need is focus. Focus on present moment. Leaving past – future complex of thoughts and returning to present.

All provocations are like a menacing knife pointed at us. Our mind immediately runs to our memory to find a similar experience. On not finding it, mind invokes uncertainty. This sets in fight or flight modes.

Anger is mental confusion of fight mode, fear is mental confusion of flight mode. Both happen immediately and we realise later.

The realisation can be quickened by focussing on our breath, on the tip of the nose, on the belly button. Just inhale three breaths and you will become aware of the body changes that have occurred. Another two, a feeble voice will say, stop it. Another two, you will stop.

But this entire train starts with a smile. If we are aware that what ever is the size of the knife, we will smile at it, the rest of the thought train will arrive.

Smile at the provocation.

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