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What Is Your Operating Rhythm?


How do we start the day? How do we spend. The first hour of the day? How the first hour at work gets its energy? How do we move from moment to moment? from event to event? From activity to activity?

Is there a Rhythm? The biggest enemy of Rhythm is our friend called multi tasking. The urge to reach the end state early forces us to multi task…………..
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Why We Do Not See The Result Of Our Action Immediately?


Results from efforts are not dependent on action only. They are dependent upon favorable conditions. Efforts are like seed. You sow them but the plant will spring to life only when the conditions are favorable…………
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Oh How Fragile And Inconsequential Are Our Worries


Read this somewhere else, sharing as it makes a lot of sense..

Conversation of two children:
In the belly of a pregnant woman were two babies. The first asks the other one: ……….
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Say Yes to Life In 66 Simple Ways


Sharing this list read elsewhere. It is a summation of life. Just read one life, connect with the item inside of you, say yes and move on… At the end you will feel liberated, yes, liberated and happy…
Jus try ………
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How To Start The Day?


Start the day with a positive invocation of the female primordial energy, Shakti through a very simple technique.

Sleep with a glass of water next to your bed side. This will make the dreams cheerful and serene……….
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Bliss Is Our Natural State


“Failing to remain extremely elated throughout the day is a major deficiency “
This is a very thought provoking statement.

If we are not happy and in a state of extremely elated state, we are suffering from a major deficiency……….
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Sky Is Not The Limit


Never limit your imagination in two dimensions

1. Vastness of its reach, grandeur of its detail and richness of its scope.
2. Irrational to present set of thoughts, absurd to today’s logic, impractical with present tools and skills…….
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One Level Up, Move To Beauty


The only thing that will invoke love in your minds for all other human beings, is a simple action by you.

Shut your eyes to entertainment and open your eyes to beauty……..
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In Memory Of The Departed Souls


The breeze will continue to flow
The grass will always sway
The sky will always lit up

Those who perished
Have left a void…….
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Ancient Knowedge


In ancient days, the practice of getting education was very different. Students used to visit the teacher after a few days and then both of them used to sit back to back with only a tree between them…….
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It was all white and black in the beginning. Then white started acquiring a bit of black, and tired of doing bad things black voluntarily started getting a little white.
Thus were born the various shades of grey……..
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The Bigger Picture


Always strive to look at the bigger picture, we will find simplicity awaiting us.

Always look for higher directions of events, we will find rhythm awaiting us………
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Components of A Religion


Every religion has three major components.

1. Philosophy
2. Mythology
3. Ritual

The philosophy is understood only when we are ready for it. At every encounter, we understand a bit about of it. As we keep on growing, the clarity on the philosophy of the religion gets clarified more and more until we reach a stage where we start giving it back to the society. This happens with everyone……
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The third concept is visible through the third door of the Padamnabhaswamy Temple.
“Sri” is the goddess of prosperity, growth, and wealth. “ Sri “ is one of the names of “ Laxmi” the goddess of wealth.
“ Bhu “ is the Mother Earth. The goddess we all call as Earth. The planet we all live on……
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Ma Gauris Pooja


The eight day of nine day ( Navratri) Pooja is dedicated to Maa Mahagauri

The Sanskrit mantra is given in the image.

Read and enjoy the blessings….
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