Commence The Journey


“ From a simple smile to ultimate bliss”

The first break of the day is in the form of sunlight at the horizon. Darkness of the night just melts away with the sun coming up. In our lives also when despair and gloom dispels, the first thing to break is a smile on the face.

The smile on the face attracts all the positive energy and fills the heart with warmth and happiness is felt. It is so infectious that it gets reflected on everyone’s face in close vicinity. The state of happiness is felt.

External reasons take happiness further to the the state of joy where the on reaching the state, the reason drops and joy is felt all around.

Once joy floods the heart, the reason for happiness and joy gets dissolved in its bright light and a state of bliss is achieved.

We through small steps will take you to the state of bliss, to enable you to blissify your life.

We will reach bliss through a very simple process. As a first baby step Read the post on a daily basis. They will be posted at a very leisure pace of few posts a day. After reading reflect on the content of the post. Then realise the message. Finally internalise the practice.

A step closer to state of bliss will be achieved.


The first step in our journey towards bliss is read regularly.

Reading more of anything is the only way to increase the mass of ‘acquainted thoughts’ in our mind. The dots will get connected in future only if the thoughts are present. When we read we not only read the words but get a feel of authors thoughts and at a level experience his state of mind.They why we say, while reading, I was completely lost in the book.


Once we have read a thought, we must reflect upon it. The reflection of the thought has two sub processes. One recall from memory and second thinking over it to discard the unwanted part. Just retain the value of the thought.


Realisation of the thought occurs when we agree or disagree with the derived value of the thought, which we have arrived at after reflection. It is a process we indulge in and compare the thought as a new addition or validation of existing thought.


After we have cleaned the thought which we have read, reflected upon and realised, we proceed to internalise it. This process ensure that the thought become start of us. It gets into the brain and on its own establishes contact with other thoughts of similar nature. In case it is a new thought, it searches for co textural thought at higher plane where it is subordinated to the over all picture.

Please read through these posts with this process. The state of blissify your life will happen incrementally. We will share posts under three categories.

Mind matters will have posts concerning the mind and it’s maintenance . Issues related to keep the real estate between our ears will be featured here.

Scientific endeavours will try to share the advances in science which effect our state of bliss or the path to blissify your life.

Spiritual guidance will feature posts which irregiously take the support of all the literature available to us from ancient times.

I welcome you all to this beautiful journey to blissify your life with small , random,neurally connected thoughts.

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