The journey to reduction of suffering commences with a smile. When we smile, we internally acknowledge the presence of a state where there is no suffering. But it lasts a few moments and the memory throws back the suffering which hijacks the thoughts.

The second state is the state of happiness. Here the knowledge of reduction in suffering lingers for a long time. It oscillates between less to more, background to foreground . It is mostly dependent upon external condition and attachments.

The highest state is the state of bliss. Here all external conditions, and attachments dissolve. There is pure feeling. In fact feelings also dissolve. It a state when existence, knowledge and bliss are the only three things that matter.

Existence, not in relation to the world or others, but existence as a light which is part of the universal flame. When we think of ourselves as just an atma, a soul, which is a temporal visitor of the body, as part of paramatma. The true existence is experienced.

Knowledge of the fact that we are a part of a larger self. Not knowledge about the worldly things. Knowledge of the fact that attachments of the body with the world has a knowledge which will evaporate with the body, but the knowledge of the self being part of bigger self will stay with the indestructible part.

With these two comes the state of bliss. It is beyond smiles, it is ahead of happiness, it is beyond joy, it is simply the state of bliss.

Meditating on the two things, brings the third into life. Once we have tasted the state of bliss, we will never revert back to ignorant state. The key to this path is, start with the realisation of existence, invite knowledge into it, and experience bliss.

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