Think Away From Your Head, Live Farthest From Your Heart


Where do we think from? Which part of our body is involved in thinking? Where do we live? Inside the body where is the dwelling place of our life?

It is a common perception that we think with our brain. The real estate between our ears is perceived to be the place where thinking takes place.

In fact when we are thinking, we just cannot ascertain its location because finding the location itself is a thinking process. Either we can think or we can identify its location. Something which was converted into a formula famously called Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Either you can ascertain the location of the electron or you can measure its momentum.

The deeper study reveals that thinking takes place in every cell of the body. It is in every mitochondria that thinking takes place. But we give shape to thoughts inside our brain. Thoughts need language. Language is stored in memory. Thus we reach the conclusion that thinking takes place inside our brain. Many indirect methods of imaging the brain activities also point towards this.

But can we change this perception. A technique to quietening of the mind is available revolving around this concept.

In Japan they say we think through our bellies. The mind in the stomach.

An exploratory five minutes exercise does bring in a subtle change. A very strange kind of joy is experienced and the reaction turns to response.

Simply sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Focus on the tip of your nose. Follow the breath. From nostrils to throat to lungs and finish it at your belly button. Release the breath. Repeat 4-5 times.

Now take your awareness to your brain. With each breath in, shift it down. During breathe out let it stay there. Third breath in, let it be in your throat. Fourth breath in, position it in your lungs. Fifth breath in full it to your belly buttons. Next 5-6 breathes in, anchor it to the belly button. Open your eyes.

You will feel an emptiness in your head. A strange feeling in your stomach area and a thoughtlessness , blank mind.

Stay that way, resume your normal life, periodically check into this feeling. Your propensity to react will reduce. Your responses will be more meaningful.

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