At the level of the belly button, if we draw an imaginary circle, we can very easily come down from the head and create that space in our response, which gives us ability to reconsider our response.

We are provoked, by action, deeds, utterances of others. The hurt is perceived by us as one of our beliefs is challenged. We respond to the challenge by throwing our more hurt, thinking that it will be received and Pain will be caused in others.

It does not happen this way. Your anger, sarcasm, do not cross even your eyelids.

So if the end result is not as per our desire, we should change our reaction. But the mind does not give reaction time. It throws our energy right, before judgement or discrimination kicks in. That is why it is said, think away from your brain and live away from your heart, before you respond.

The technique to think away from your brain is , delegate thinking to the circumference at your belly button.

Divide it into three parts, future thoughts, closer to belly button. Past thoughts centre of back. Present thoughts on the sides.

This part of our body is seldom in awareness. Try reaching there and you will feel tickled. To be more precise, we are tickled and laugh when someone excites this part. The moment thought arises, push it down to sides of your belly. You will feel amused. You will gain time to respond.The venom in response will die down. It will evaporate. You will be able to maintain your calm.

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