Three Professional Promises


We all in our profession have moments of success, joy, defeat, betrayal, ignored at various stages by our superiors, peers and subordinates. At times it is encouraging, at times it is frustrating.

I followed the following three principals as the final guiding light to navigate the maze of professional life. They stood the test of time, they are everlasting. Now if I look back at three decades , I feel very satisfied that I have contributed towards everyone’s growth , who so every came in contact with me.

The earlier one adopts there in life, the better productivity one gets out of every one.

1. Never harm anybody’s career.

In all high pressure appointments, people with varying efficiency get associated with you. Incorrect friends, everyone is efficient. Inefficiency lies in your power of communication, inefficiency lies in your clarity of what you want. I realised this very early in life, thus simply never harmed anyone in their career growth. No wrong reporting, no spoiling remark on annual appraisals.

2. Never speak ill of anyone.

Behind the back, in front of someone, in an informal group, never spoke in derogatory terms about anyone. But what about bad people? There are no good or bad people. They are different. The biggest tool we all have is ignore and irrelevance. Ignore the bad act, you are depriving the person of the victory they were expecting.

3. Always fault resuscitation, no fault finding and blasting

If a fault has been found, it needs life to get on rails again. That comes from energy. If you blow off your energy in anger and finding more faults, well the life of the fault dies. We all stature at inefficiency . A fault is found , work towards its resuscitation.salvage the situation. Simply add your experience to it. It will vanish.

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