Three Steps To Invite Harmony In Life


1. Stop visiting future. Plan next three hours and focus on the activity at hand. Stop visiting the anticipated result. Stop getting afraid of failure. Divide life in chunks of next three hours.
2. No past recall. The neurons will connect the present activity with a similar activity of the past. The memory recall at work will throw up the associated feelings . Based on your present energy levels either it will be good feeling or bad feeling. The moment you yield to the bad part, your focus on present activity will loose its grip. Thus no past recall. If it forces itself. Politely withdraw the invitation and shut the door on its face.
3. Things are different. Make this your default tag line. There is nothing which is good or bad. Things are different. The moment you say this, the mind gets confused as to which feeling it should invoke. In the confusion it does not invoke good or bad feeling but a neither good nor bad feeling. All neutral feelings are good.

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