Three Types of Feelings


We have three types of feelings in us. Very simply. Good feelings, bad feelings and neither good nor bad, a neutral kind of feelings.

The good feelings are easily recognisable and we always wish that they stay longer. A feeling once has arisen, will keep on diminishing in magnitude, till it dissolves. But we wish that feel good, the good feelings stay for ever. This is also the cause of our excessive indulgence – over eating, drinking blinges and other excesses of life.

The bad feelings engulf us and we come to know about them once they are fully ripe. We try to run away from them, they persist. Our failure to make them vanish gives birth to another bad feeling . That’s why we continue to feel bad even after the incident has passed.

The third type of feelings are the neutral feelings. A very interesting fact is that most of the time these feelings arise in us. We are not aware of them.In fact we do not know how to deal with them. This makes them convert into bad feelings. Yes this is a big insight, you may try . And in case we become aware of the neutral feeling, they convert into good feelings. Another very precise insight.

So when you are not feeling good just ask how am I feeling? If you do not get a right away answer, give the default answer to yourself, in a proactive manner “ I am feeling neutral now”. Search your feelings, “ yes, they are neutral”. You will start feeling good. It is such a simple and obvious thing. You got to try this to believe.

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