Tools To Invite Bliss In Your Life


The two most potent tools for inviting bliss in your life are simply
Suspend judgment
Delay gratification

Let’s see how they work.

What we mean by saying “delay judgment”. It simply means when you see a thing, hear a thought, encounter an argument or meet a stranger, simply suspend your strong urge to pass judgment. Judgments are simple retorts to self , like “ this is good and must be possessed”, “what non sense, this is not possible” , “ shut up you idiot, are you talking through your hat”,” what a stupid looking guy”.

The moment you stop these urges, you will appreciate the whole picture. It will take huge effort to get this out of you. But it is worth the energy spend on it.

“ Delay gratification Delayed gratification, or deferred gratification, is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. Generally, delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later.

Once again huge effort is demanded here. In fact this is the hard part of work.

When you combine the two, a massive reservoir of energy becomes available to you. This energy can be well spent in creative form. You will not have to do extra work to generate energy. You will not feel tired.

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