It is the most difficult thing. It is the easiest to execute. It requires a life time. It is done in an instant. It is just a decision. It is a life changing event.

Look at it any way, but it is a turning point. Events take a turn. The turning points of life are always shrouded with uncertainity. The turn is triggered by our decision.

The story goes like this. A man was digging a well did not find water at 50 feet. Was about to give up, decided to dig more. 60 feet , no water, a bit more, 70, 80 , 90 no water every time just pushed himself to dig more. At 99 he simply decided to walk away. No more digging, and abandoned the project. After a few days, another man came, saw the hole in earth, started digging, after just one feet of digging, fresh water sprouted. It became the biggest source of water in the area.

What keeps us to try harder, is the expectation of water after just one feet of digging.

What makes us give away is the realisation of futile effort from 50 feet to 99 feet.

The difference is in perspective. What input we take to take the decision. If we look at 50- 99, we give up and simply walk away. If we look at 99–100 we dig more.

Hope turns into victory, when we look forward.

We give up when we look at the quantum of effort.

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